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In Puppet I need to trigger an action if a file resource is changed. I know I can define an execresource for the action, and notify that from the file resoure:

file { '/path/to/myfile':
  content => template("${module_name}/mytemplate.erb"),
  notify  => Exec['my action'],

exec { 'my action':
  command   => '...',
  logoutput => true,

However, if I do the above, Puppet tries to always apply the exec resource, not just on file changes. How do I ensure that the action is only triggered when the file is modified?

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1 Answer

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Add the parameter refreshonly to your exec resource and set it to true:

exec { 'my action':
  command     => '...',
  refreshonly => true,
  logoutput   => true,

From the documentation:

Refresh: exec resources can respond to refresh events (via notify, subscribe, or the ~> arrow). The refresh behavior of execs is non-standard, and can be affected by the refresh and refreshonly attributes:

  • If refreshonly is set to true, the exec runs only when it receives an event. This is the most reliable way to use refresh with execs.
by (335) 2 9